Little bits about Micah

The basic overview and orientation. It would be rude of me not to introduce myself.   


Walking in the woods

Whenever possible, I spend my free time outside. And this is where I share tips and point out trips.   


Anyone with a low threashold for repeating past mistakes, and whose primary educator is trial-and-error, will spend their lives trying to..   


Contact Micah

If you want to get in touch with me, this is probably the best way there is.   


Code for BTV

Code for BTV banner

This is the real meaning of open source: building and sharing ideas that make our communities better.   

A List Apart

A List Apart banner

I will count myself lucky to work in an environment that is half as skilled and forward thinking as this dev-famous blog.   

I Love Drupal

Love that Drupal CMS

My CMS of choice. I've learned some interesting things over the course of a couple years of developing for Drupal.   


Scala banner

A recent investigation of functional programming that I haven't considered since my college Intro to Languages 101 class.